【LeetCode】0000. 解題目錄

最近開始刷 LeetCode,但雖然有些題目解了出來,但還是存在很多似懂非懂的模糊空間,因此想透過記錄的方式記下這些經驗與領略,並用自己的方式表達出來,以釐清這些模糊的空間。


NO. 題目 難度 備註
0771. Jewels and Stones E  
0226. Invert Binary Tree E  
0208. Implement Trie (Prefix Tree) M  
0189. Rotate Array E  
0175. Combine Two Tables E  
0140. Word Break II H  
0139. Word Break M  
0071. Simplify Path M  
0066. Plus One E  
0065. Valid Number H  
0044. Wildcard Matching* M  
0043. Multiply Strings M  
0036. Valid Sudoku M  
0035. Search Insert Position E  
0034. Find First and Last Position of Element in Sorted Array M  
0033. Search in Rotated Sorted Array M  
0032. Longest Valid Parentheses* H  
0031. Next Permutation M  
0030. Substring with Concatenation of All Words H  
0029. Divide Two Integers M  
0028. Implement strStr() E  
0027. Remove Element E  
0026. Remove Duplicates from Sorted Array E  
0025. Reverse Nodes in k-Group H  
0024. Swap Nodes in Pairs M  
0023. Merge k Sorted Lists H  
0022. Generate Parentheses M  
0021. Merge Two Sorted Lists E  
0020. Valid Parentheses E  
0019. Remove Nth Node From End of List M  
0018. 4Sum* M  
0017. Letter Combinations of a Phone Number M  
0016. 3Sum Closest M  
0015. 3Sum M  
0014. Longest Common Prefix E  
0013. Roman to Integer E  
0012. Integer to Roman M  
0011. Container With Most Water M  
0010. Regular Expression Matching H  
0009. Palindrome Number E  
0008. String to Integer (atoi) M  
0007. Reverse Integer E  
0006. ZigZag Conversion M  
0005. Longest Palindromic Substring M  
0003. Longest Substring Without Repeating Characters M  
0002. Add Two Numbers M  
0001. Two Sum E